I’m trying out micro.blog as a true lifelog (within limits of reason in regards to private life), so I feel the need to also record the fact that I had a complete breakdown of my normally well-controlled lifestyle.

So I think I had about 3000 calories worth of snacks last night, and though most of it was sort of healthy-ish (yoghurt, raisins, nuts, etc), I ate way, way too much and ended up bloated with food and contempt for myself. I simply couldn’t stop. It was very strange.
I live healthily enough that I can survive and come back to my regular weight and habits. So it’s not that I suddenly will gain 20 kg, but it was an extreme experience of lack of restraint, even long after my stomach told me it could hold no more.

I’m trying to frame it as a rare black swan-type of lifestyle breakdown even – something I won’t experience again any time soon (hopefully), and something I’ll be able to chalk up as input for renewed examination of my routines, ways of thinking, etc.

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